product Name:
EF-878A+ Computerized Programmable Toe-lasting Machine






n             Pincer Shape Auto-Arrangement

Toe-Size Adjustment:


2nd Pincers rotate automatically to fit shoes with any toe sizes.

Toe-Pincer Left/Right:


Automatically swings to left or right, easily fits any asymmetric-toe shoes.

Auto Pincer Shoe-Size Adjustment:


Pincers move in left and right groups to fit different shoe sizes.

Pincer Plate Position Movement:


Pincer plate moves forwards/backwards in one group to adjust cementing position.

Shoe Pattern Programming and Storage:


Up to 120 shoe patterns can be stored in memory for later retrieval.



n             Quick-Change Mechanisms

Quick-Change Pincer:


Change pincer instantly, reduces downtime.

Quick-Change Wipers:


No need of tools for changing wipers, providing instant shoe style change.

Quick-Change Toe Band:


Toe Band held by quickly removable pins, reducing shoe-style changing time.

Quick-Change Inner/Outer Last Support System:


Both inner and outer last support can be changed quickly to fit different shoe bottoms.

n             Special Functions and Devices

5" Full Color Touch Screen:


Graphic/text double display allows user to understand and operate easily.

Multiple Language Screen Display:


Available languages include Chinese, English, Turkish, Spanish, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Russian.

Last Support Height Indicators:


Clearly indicate last support heights for accurate adjustments.

Pincer Slipping System:


Allow upper to slip between jaws; save upper material.

Independent Pincer Flash-Open:


Auto/manual adjustments of pincer flash-open remove any extra tension on shoe uppers.

Wrap-around Side Clamp Device:


Help make perfect lasting on waist area.



Assist in lasting arched bottom shoes flawlessly.

Automatic Rear Pincer Turning:


Easy adjustment on turning angle.

Quick-access Hydraulic Controls:


Necessary speed/ pressure regulators are well located for easy access.

Auto Error Warning/ Detection:


Warning indicator blinks and possible causes shown graphically on screen for quick maintenance.









Machine Size (LxWxH)

1720x1210x1950 mm

Packing Size(LxWxH)

1860x1280x2200 mm


2000 Pairs

Hydraulic Oil

130 Liters


1140 kgs


1330 kgs




1200 W

P.S. The above specifications and designs are subject to change without pre-notice.