product Name:
EF-888MA Advanced System 9 Pincers






n Pincer Shape Auto-Arrangement
With high mobility pincer motion mechanisms, pincers can be arranged quickly to fit any shoe shapes without any tools. Pincer shape mechanisms include

Toe-Pincer Width Adjustment:


From very pointing-toe to wide-toe shoes, toe-pincer width can move accordingly.

Toe-Pincer Left/Right Swing:


Toe-Pincer can swing to left or right, easily fits any asymmetrical-toe shoes.

Toe-Size Adjustment:


2nd Pincer can rotate automatically for shoes with different toe sizes.

Shoe-size Adjustment:


All pincers will move simultaneously to fit different sizes of shoes.



n Quick-change Mechanisms

Quick-change Pincers:


All pincers are equipped with quick-change mechanism, no tools required.

Quick-change Wipers:


Gentle push on the lever, wipers can be replaced in a few seconds.

Quick-change Toe-Band:


Excellent toe-band removal system, effectively reduce replacing time.

Quick-change Support and Injectors:


Last support and injector crown can be changed instantly for new insole shape.

Quick-change Cement Wheel:


Convenient location of cement feeding system, cement change time is greatly reduced.



n Quick-adjustment Mechanisms

Heel-Rest Position:


Heel-rest Plate is electrically adjustable according to shoe sizes.

Heel-Rest Inclination:


Heel-rest Plate angle can be adjusted by  simply turning the hand-wheel.

Support Position:


Low Position of Last Support is motor-driven and numerically displayed on screen.

Quick-access Hydraulic/Pneumatic Controls:


All necessary speed/pressure regulators are well placed for quick adjustment.

User-friendly Human-Machine Interface:


Well-organized touch screen pages allow operator to utilize machine¡¦s full capability.



n Special Functions and Devices

Variable Wiper Closing Path:


Closing path is adjustable according to shoe shapes to achieve perfect lasting

5 Pressing-Point Toe Band:


Toe area is tightly wrapped around by the band with 5 contacting points.

Wrap-down Side Pressing:


Side Pressing holds shoe waists effectively to enhance lasting results on waist area.

2-Section Pincer Slipping:


Separate fore and aft slipping controls prevent delicate uppers from breaking.

Auto Error Detection/Warning:


Waning indicator blinks and possible causes shown on screen for quick maintenance.

Shoe Pattern Memory:


Pincer shape, wiper path and other important operating parameters can be stored for quick retrieval.

Differential Left/Right Lasting:


Machine can discern subtle differences on let and right shoes to make impeccable lasting results for both sides of shoes.



Machine Size (LxWxH)

1700x1110x1830 mm

Packing Size(LxWxH)

1910x1220x2100 mm


2000 Pairs


1260 kgs


1420 kgs




1200 W

P.S. The above specifications and designs are subject to change without pre-notice.