product Name:
EF-878MA+ Computerized 9-Pincer






3-Pressure Toe Pad:


Supply appropriate pressure when needed.

Quick-Change Wipers:


No need of tools for changing wipers, providing instant shoe style change.

Quick-Change Toe Band:


Toe Band held by quickly removable pins, reducing shoe-style changing time.

Pincer Plate Position Movement:


Automatically adjust distance between 1st pincer and last support, offering best lasting results.

1st Pincer Left/Right swing:


Quick adaptation of pincers for asymmetrical-toe shoes, eliminate time needed for pincer arrangement.

Auto Pincer Shoe-size Adjustment:


Provide balanced pincer shaping mechanism.

Quick-change Pincer:


Change pincer instantly, reduce downtime.

Independent Pincer Flash-Open:


Auto/manual adjustments of pincer flash-open, removing any extra tension on shoe uppers.

Pincer Slipping System:


Allow upper to slip between jaws; save upper material.

Individual Pincer Pulling Adjustment:


Balance the tension on upper automatically /manually at any point.

Automatic Rear Pincer Turning:


Easy adjustment on turning angle.

Last Support Double Rise:


Reduce tension on upper; lower possibility of breaking.

Synchronous Support & Rest:


Position the last precisely at the same location.



Assist in lasting arched bottom shoes flawlessly.

Wrap-around Side Clamp Device:


Help make perfect lasting on waist area.

PLC controlled processor:


High speed processing, accurate movements.

Touch Screen Interface:


User-friendly page arrangement, operate with great ease.

Operating Parameters Storage:


Saving up to 30 files, cutting time needed for different shoe style.

Asymmetric Lasting Mechanism:


Last ball area by the difference between left/right shoes.

Quick-change injector System:


Highly compatible injector base, suitable for injector crowns for different shoe shapes.

Motor-driven Cement Feeding:


Smooth cement feeding, cement jam is greatly reduced.

Spring-mounted injector Base:


Apply cement onto insole evenly by.


Exterior dimensions


Machine Size (LxWxH)

1720x1210x1950 mm

Packing Size(LxWxH)

1860x1280x2200 mm


2000 Pairs


1140 kgs


1330 kgs




1200 W

P.S. The above specifications and designs are subject to change without pre-notice.