Hot Products

EF-526MAX 3-Axis Servo-controlled Cement Path Heel-Seat and Side Lasting Machine

EF-526MAS Servo-Controlled Cement Path Heel-seat and Side Lasting Machine

EF-156A Upper Steaming Machine

EF-878MAW+ Computerized Programmable Cementing Toe-Lasting Machine

EF-526MAZ/ MBZ Computerized Seat/ Side Laster

EF-878MA+ Computerized 9-Pincer

EF-878MAD Non-Computerized 9-Pincer

EF-526L+ Automatic Heel-Seat and Side Lasting Machine for Lady Shoes

EF-868-3MAD / MBD PCB Controlled 9-Pincer

EF-102A Upper Flattening Machine

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With ever-changing new technology, Ye Hone is not only devoted to bringing cutting-edge techniques into her machines, but also to the realization of "Customer-oriented" concept into the machines.