Ye Hone Enterprise Co., Ltd was founded inTaiwan in 1985 by her general manager, Mr. Liao. Following the company motto "Service, Innovation, and Sincerity" as her commitments to customers, Ye Hone has gained the recognition of shoe manufacturers around the globe. By now, Ye Hone has grown to be a multinational company with one head office and one factory in Taiwan, two factories in China and more than a dozen of sales and service stations in Chinaand other countries.

With ever-changing new technology, Ye Hone is not only devoted to bringing cutting-edge techniques into her machines, but also to the realization of "Customer-oriented" concept into the machines. All these efforts can be observed from Ye Hone's excellent machines, including lasting and other shoemaking machines.

Superior design is the foundation of success, but excellent quality is the only way to high customer satisfaction. To achieve the goal of high quality, Ye Hone implements ISO 9000 quality system, purchases advanced production tools, and offers personnel continuous on-job trainings. Furthermore, Ye Hone also provides customers with training courses, before- and after-sale technical supports.

In others words, the relationship Ye Hone wants to keep with customers is not seller-and-buyer, but business partners.

By now, Ye Hone has become one of the main shoemaking machine manufacturers in the world. In the Internet era, Ye Hone has created an instant-response network to help customers handle quick-changing shoe patterns. With the help of such a network, we will be able to meet customers' needs instantly. We look forward to serving you and building you a prosperous shoe business in the future.